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99% aluminum oxide powder for ceramic glaze

Glaze is an important component of ceramic tiles. Good glaze can not only improve the practicality of ceramic tiles but also enhance their aesthetics and grade. Adding 99% aluminum oxide powder 6000 # and 8000 # to ceramic tile glaze can improve its wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and other performance. The cost of aluminum oxide powder is also much lower than that of zirconium silicate powder.

White Aluminum Oxide Powder F240 F360 F800 for UV coatings

UV coatings, also known as photosensitive coatings or photocurable coatings, typically use ultraviolet radiation as the curing energy source and can quickly solidify into a film without the need for heating. UV-curable coatings can be applied to different substrates such as paper, PVC plastic, wood, leather, and other materials. Fused alumina powder is an important functional additive in UV coatings, in addition to photosensitive resins, film-forming agents, and photoinitiators. White aluminum oxide powder F240, F360, and F800 are commonly used grits.

White Electro corundum 25A F180 F220 F240 for Microconcrete

White electro corundum F180, F220, and F240 are suitable for two-component microcement group A filler. It has better wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance than quartz sand. Microcement, also known as Taikoo cement, is a new type of building material that has emerged in recent years. It can achieve seamless integration of the ground, wall, and roof. It is similar to polyurethane water-based flooring. Microcement is a decoration material made by fusing micro cement with resin and adding wear-resistant materials. It has advantages such as good wear resistance, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, and antibacterial properties. 

White aluminum oxide 5-25 microns for investment casting

White aluminum oxide 5-25 microns (also known as white fused alumina/white corundum 200mesh-0) is an extraordinary refractory powder. It is suitable for investment casting to make shells and molds in the lost foam process.  There are several significant advantages of the powder.

White aluminum oxide 500# anti-wear Powder in Glazing Glass

Colorful glazing glass is a kind of optical glass with a decorative function. Under sunlight or light, different angles produce different color changes. Presents a cool luster. Generally used for decoration of large buildings and tourist attractions. However, in outdoor environments, colorful glass is prone to wear and tear. Adding anti-wear powder to the crystalline layer of dazzling glass is a good solution.  White aluminum oxide 500#,800#, and 1000# are proper grit for this application.

White aluminum oxide powder 800 # 1000 #  for diamond polishing pad

The diamond polishing pad is widely used for flooring polishing.  The main raw material is diamond grain and powder. Adding white aluminum oxide powder can improve sharpness and polishing efficiency. Generally, WFA particle size is smaller than that of diamond particles as the filling of diamond water grinding discs. White aluminum oxide powder 800 # and 1200 # are commonly used grits.

White aluminum oxide 80# for ceramic lining

Aluminum oxide ceramic is an excellent ceramic lining for kilns and furnaces. It is widely used in the glass, abrasive, construction material, and electronic fields. White aluminum oxide 80# for ceramic linings are of high Al2O3 purity. 

White aluminum oxide F220 for Microdermabrasion

White aluminum oxide F220 is a common grit size for microdermabrasion in the Skincare field. It is a new skin-improvement method that uses the principle of epithelial tissue regeneration to spray microcrystalline particles at high speed to rub the deep layer of the epidermis, stimulate the rapid renewal of collagen and fibrous tissue, and evaporate or destroy skin cells instantaneously.

White fused alumina F60 for WA grinding wheel

White fused alumina is shortly called WA. It is a basic abrasive material for cutting wheels and grinding wheels. Compared with brown fused alumina, white fused alumina is more suitable for sharp grinding because WA has a better self-sharpening feature. White fused alumina F60 is a major grit for WA grinding wheel.

White fused aluminum oxide for Vapor Blasting

The fused aluminum oxide blast media is always for fast blasting operation. The high hardness of about Mohs 9.0 makes it work efficiently for rust removal, surface roughening, and surface cleaning. White fused aluminum oxide is a pure blasting media and ferro-free material. Generally, it blasts in a dry blasting way. In the meantime, it can blast for vapor blasting.

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