White Aluminum Oxide Powder F240 F360 F800 for UV coatings

White Aluminum Oxide Powder F240 F360 F800 for UV coatings

White Aluminum Oxide Powder F240 F360 F800 for UV coatings

UV coatings, also known as photosensitive coatings or photocurable coatings, typically use ultraviolet radiation as the curing energy source and can quickly solidify into a film without the need for heating. UV-curable coatings can be applied to different substrates such as paper, PVC plastic, wood, leather, and other materials. Fused alumina powder is an important functional additive in UV coatings, in addition to photosensitive resins, film-forming agents, and photoinitiators. White aluminum oxide powder F240, F360, and F800 are commonly used grits.

The use of white fused aluminum oxide powder as a primer filler for UV curable coatings has the following advantages:

1. Color and transparency.

The white electrofused aluminum oxide powder is α The phase of alumina, in its microscopic form, appears as a white semi-transparent crystal and does not affect the transparency and glossiness of the UV primer.

2. High temperature resistance.

The fused aluminum oxide powder is made from 2200 ° C high-temperature fused aluminum oxide, which has high fire resistance and can withstand high temperature environments. It can maintain stability and chemical inertness under UV irradiation.

3. Strength enhancement.

Mohs hardness of white aluminum oxide powder is 9.0, Vickers hardness is 2200-2400kg/mm2, and Rockwell hardness is 46HRC. It has high hardness and excellent strength, which can effectively enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance of the coating, and improve the scratch resistance of the coating.

4. Chemical corrosion resistance.

The white alox powder has good chemical corrosion resistance, which can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, solvents, and other chemical substances, increasing the corrosion resistance of the coating. The fused alumina powder is also non-toxic and has no impact on UV-curing environmentally friendly coatings.

5. Strong fluidity.

The production process of white fused aluminum oxide powder includes processes such as acid alkali washing and water washing, while the overflow sorting process ensures the cleanliness of the alumina powder. Without the obstruction of impurities, its fluidity and dispersibility are superior, and the touch feel is more delicate.

6. Uniform particle morphology.

The particles in the white aluminum oxide powder have a strong consistency in size and can be evenly distributed in the coating. Combined with good fluidity, fused alumina powder can easily and evenly fill the coating, improving the density of the coating primer.

7. Others.

After deep cleaning, the white fused alumina powder has a neutral pH value and low oil absorption value.

The specific performance parameters of fused aluminum oxide powder are as follows:

>Color form: White powder, micro semi-transparent
>Mohs hardness: 9.0
>Rockwell hardness: 46 HRC
>Vickers hardness: 2200-2400kg/mm2
>Maximum operating temperature: 1900 ℃
>Melting point: 2250 ℃
>Whiteness: ≥ 82
>PH value: 7-9
>Oil absorption value: ≤ 8%
>Conductivity: ≤ 200 us/cm
>Specific gravity: 3.95g/cm3
>Crystal shape: multi-angular
>Thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity): 0.02-0.1W/KM
>Thermal expansion coefficient: 3.34-6.63/x10-6/K
>Applied particle: 10um,15um,20um,30um,35um,40um,45um,50um,etc.

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