White fused alumina F240 for Polyurethane In-Mould-Coatings

White fused alumina F240 works in Polyurethane In-Mould-Coatings to improve the performance. Polyurethane in-mold- coatings are suitable for wear-resistant foam components such as automotive interior accessories, foam shoe sole materials, and the surface of polyurethane foam plastic products. Although the PU slurry is used in injection molds, it adheres to the surface of polyurethane products after injection molding. It plays a role in anti-slip, wear resistance, aging and yellowing prevention, and acid and alkali resistance. Thereby improving the service life of the product and increasing its aesthetic appeal.

White corundum price rises again

White corundum production is a highly energy-consuming and resource-consuming industry. In recent years, various white corundum manufacturers have been affected by low market demand in domestic and international markets. That results in consistently low operating rates. However, with the fluctuation of alumina prices, the price of white corundum rises accordingly.

99.9% White fused aluminum oxide powder for plasma spraying

Aluminum oxide plasma spraying is a special surface treatment technology. It’s widely used in fields such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace components, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc. It prevents the metal from being directly exposed to the air by spraying a coating on the metal surface. This can improve the basic requirements for rust prevention and aging of metals. Using aluminum oxide coating as a spraying material can also improve the high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and oxidation resistance of the workpiece. Here are the characteristics of 99.9% white fused aluminum oxide powder 600 #  for plasma spraying.

White morundum F80 for titanium parts coating preparation

High-purity white morundum is an excellent grinding and sandblasting medium for surface preparation after casting formation and before spraying coating. On the research surface, 99% white morundum F80 is used for sandblasting and acid etching treatment of titanium parts. The surface roughness was about 3um, which was beneficial for the coating to adhere to the surface of titanium parts.

White Fused Aluminum oxide Powder 1-2um

The coated separator is an important inner component of lithium batteries. It is used to separate the positive and negative electrodes and prevent short circuits in contact between the two poles. The performance of the separator has a significant impact on the storage and safety performance of the battery. Lithium battery coated separators need to have good mechanical tensile properties and strength, good thermal and chemical stability, uniform thickness, and certain breathability. White Fused Aluminum oxide powder 1-2um works as a toughening material for coating the separator.

White fused alumina blasting media & Glass beads blasting media

Sandblasting is a common method of surface treatment. It works for various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, non-ferrous metal alloy, glass, stone, etc. What are the differences between white fused alumina and glass beads blasting media? And what are their uses and effects? Let’s explore the differences of them.

White aluminum oxide 70mesh blasting media for sanding belt cloth

Sanding belt cloth and sand belts are common mechanical polishing tools. They are sort of coated abrasives. Before electrostatic sand planting, the fabric substrate of the sandcloth needs to do surface treatment. The common method is to blasting with white aluminum oxide blasting media. This sandblasting can increase surface roughness. Thus improve the grip strength of abrasive particles. The white aluminum oxide 70mesh blasting media is a proper grit for this application.

White fused alumina grit in the Science and Technology Museum!

Since its opening to the public, the new Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum has become one of the check-in destinations for tourism in Henan. Its cool appearance, diverse themes, and fashionable design are all features that children and adults love to visit.

On the second floor of the Science and Technology Museum, there is a grinding science popularization display panel. And the white sand particles inside are white fused alumina grit! The WFA grit works as a grinding media there. Children can see how the grinding process works. As one of the most widely used abrasives, white fused alumina is representative of the abrasive industry due to its high purity, high hardness, and wide particle size distribution.

White Fused Alumina for Investment casting

In precision investment casting, casting sand works to make the shell. There are several types of casting sand such as Mullite, Fused Aluina, Clay, and Zircon sand. The main goal is to meet different metal pouring temperatures. Thus it will achieve ideal performance and cost-effectiveness. The thermal resistance of white fused alumina is better than that of fused silica, mullite, and clay. So it is more suitable for metal and alloy castings with higher pouring temperatures.

White fused aluminum oxide for Alumina Ceramics

White fused aluminum oxide is a common raw material as abrasive and blasting media. In the meantime, it is also a granulation material for alumina ceramics. Widely used in high-temperature kiln equipment, zirconia ceramic filtration equipment, alumina ceramic crucibles, saggers, lining plates, and other ceramic products.

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