Iridium-coated aluminum oxide is produced from high LPS white aluminum oxide grains. The white aluminum oxide grains are calcined after plating a layer of compound-Iridium coating on the surface of each grit under a high temperature. Iridium-plated aluminum oxide has higher toughness and better hydrophilicity.

In the meantime, the self-sharpening ability is also improved. Thus, the grains will be bonded even tighter with bond agents such as resin, glue, ceramic. As a result, the cutting and grinding abrasive tools will not only get durable but also shaper.

Abrasive tools such as cutting wheel, grinding wheel, flap disc adopting with iridium coated aluminum oxide will perform sharper with longer life, higher work efficiency.

Besides, several other types of iridium-plated aluminum oxide are available to choose.

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