White Fused alumina is a widely used material for the refractory industry. White fused alumina refractories are featured with high refractoriness, high thermal strength, anti-corrosion, and high chemical stability. WFA refractories could be used as refractory castable, refractory aggregate, and unshape refractory bricks, etc.

WFA refractories are produced from fully melted aluminum oxide powder.  In the high-power arc furnace, raw Al2O3 powder is melted into semi-liquid and then turn into solid crystals. The solid crystal is of min 99% purity alumina blocks with dense structure.

Generally, section sand 8-5mm,5-3mm,3-1mm,1-0mm are used as refractory aggregates. Finer powder 325#-0,270#-0,200#-0,100#-0 are used as refractory castables. White fused alumina refractories are the basic materials for furnace furniture building and refractory products.

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