White alundum powder 2.5mkm

White alundum powder 2.5mkm is an excellent polishing powder for stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, glass, and other materials. White fused aluminum oxide powder from us is an electrofused aluminum oxide powder. It is an aggressive grinding powder with high hardness and good toughness.

$3,780.00$3,900.00 / MT

White alundum powder 2.5mkm

  • Product Introduction of White alundum powder 2.5mkm

White alundum powder 2.5mkm is an excellent polishing powder for stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, glass, and other materials. White fused aluminum oxide powder from us is an electrofused aluminum oxide powder. It is an aggressive grinding powder with high hardness and good toughness. White aluminum oxide is suitable not only for direct polishing with a micro polishing machine, but also suitable for making lapping products such as polishing wax, polishing stone, polishing liquid, etc. In the meanwhile, white aluminum oxide is an ideal additive for wear-resistance coating and ceramics.


  • Typical chemical analysis of White alundum powder 2.5mkm


  • Typical physical properties of White alundum powder 2.5mkm
Maximum service temperature:1900 °C
Melting Point:2250 °C
Specific Gravity:3.95g/cm3
Volume density3.6g/cm3
Oil absorption10%
Ph Value7.53
Particle shape:Angular
  • The particle size distribution of White alundum powder 2.5mkm














  • The available sizes of White alundum powder
JIS standard:
JIS Grit SizeD0(Micron)D3(Micron)D50(Micron)D94(Micron)
#240≤ 127≤ 10357.0±3.0≥ 40
#280≤ 112≤ 8748.0±3.0≥ 33
#320≤ 98≤ 7440.0±2.5≥ 27
#360≤ 86≤ 6635.0±2.0≥ 23
#400≤ 75≤ 5830.0±2.0≥ 20
#500≤ 63≤ 5025.0±2.0≥ 16
#600≤ 53≤ 4120.0±1.5≥ 13
#700≤ 45≤ 3717.0±1.5≥ 11
#800≤ 38≤ 3114.0±1.0≥ 9.0
#1000≤ 32≤ 2711.5.±1.0≥ 7.0
#1200≤ 27≤ 239.5±0.8≥ 5.5
#1500≤ 23≤ 208.0±0.6≥ 4.5
#2000≤ 19≤ 176.7±0.6≥ 4.0
#2500≤ 16≤ 145.5±0.5≥ 3.0
#3000≤ 13≤ 114.0±0.5≥ 2.0
#4000≤ 11≤ 8.03.0±0.4≥ 1.8
#6000≤ 8.0≤ 5.02.0±0.4≥ 0.8
#8000≤ 6.0≤ 3.51.2±0.3≥ 0.6


FEPA standard:
Grit SizeD3(um)D50(um) D94(um)
F1200<73.0±0.5>1(at 80%)
F1500<52.0±0.4>0.8(at 80%)
F2000<3.51.2±0.3>0.5(at 80%)


  • Product Feature of White alundum powder

The Al2O3 purity is high(99%min). So the hardness & grinding ability is high with good grinding efficiency.

High wear-resistance. Even in high-temperature circumstances, the strength is still excellent.

The white fused aluminum oxide powder is suspension treated by water. So it is of flowability and easy to scatter.

Low oil absorption especially for water-based paint.

Neutral property with PH value around 7-8.

High whiteness. It doesn’t affect the color of paints or coatings by adding Al2O3 powder.

Resistant to most corrosive alkali and acid. It doesn’t dissolve in water.

Resistant to high temperatures up to 1900 °C.

Good particle size consistency without big size grains. So it prevents scratching on the grinding substrate.


  • Applications of White alundum powder

Micro polishing and lapping for precise polishing. It is suitable for components such as stainless steel, Sapphire crystal, silicon wafer, etc.

Polishing electronic components such as probes and needles.

The main material for Whetstone, oilstone, polishing media, rubber bonded abrasives, etc.

The main material for polishing abrasive tools such as nylon polishing wheels, Metallographic sandpaper, PVA polishing wheels, etc.

Subsidiary material for diamond tools such as dry diamond polishing pads.

Raw material for polishing liquid, polishing wax, polishing paste, and lapping compound.

Ceramic membrane filters materials such as ceramic flat sheet membranes and ultrafiltration membranes.

Wear resistance coatings for composite material such as printing rubber roller, Insulation board, laminated flooring coating, etc.

Paint and coatings such as water-based urethane epoxy coating, etc.

Thermal glue, wear-resistance glues, Polyurethane adhesive, etc.

Dental application for removing decayed and sound tooth structure. Preparation for bonded restoration.

  • Production Details of White alundum powder

  • Product Qualification of White alundum powder

HAIXU Abrasives is certificated by ISO 9001:2015

Golden supplier of Alibaba for 13 years


  • Package of WFA lapping powder


1Metric Ton/Jumbo Bag

25KGS/PVC Bag,40Bags/Jumbo Bag

1 Metric Ton/Jumbo Bag/Pallet

Other customized packages are available


  • FAQ:

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are a professional manufacturer of white fused aluminum oxide. HAIXU Abrasives has white aluminum oxide manufacturing experience of 22 years. The white fused aluminum oxide powder is one of our best sellers.

Q: What is the difference between suspension-treated white fused alumina powder and fine powders?

A: The suspension-treated WFA powder is of even particle size distributions. The white fused alumina fine powder always goes 200#-0,320#-0 produced by milling and gets particle size by mesh sieving.

Q: What are the differences between the FEPA standard and the JIS standard for aluminum oxide powder?

A: They defined the particle size range with different standards. FEPA standard gets 14 grits from 63um-1 um. While JIS standard gets 19 grits from 63um-1um.

Q: Do you have a MOQ of WFA grain?

A: Generally no limit of MOQ. Even 25kgs(1 bag)is ok for us. But the logistic cost will be higher than normal.

Q: How do you make quality control on White fused aluminum oxide powder before delivery?

A: Besides inspection items such as chemical, density, we check aluminum oxide powder sizes during and after production for each batch. We also keep samples of each batch for 3 months.

Q: What are the difference between fused aluminum oxide powder and calcined aluminum oxide powder?

A: They are produced by different processes. For fused ones, it is a melting and fusing process at a temperature of 2250 °C. The hardness and grinding performance are better. For calcined aluminum oxide powder, they are produced by a calcining process in an oven or a Tunnel kiln at a temperature of 1300°C or 1800°C. Calcined aluminum oxide is with kinds of crystal shapes. The price of calcined aluminum oxide powder is always lower than fused ones.

Q: Are free samples available from you?

A: Yes, we provide free samples within 1 kg. Express costs have to be borne by customers.


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